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This policy outlines the standards and procedures for providing executive taxi services to ensure a high level of service and customer satisfaction.
Service Availability
- Services available 24/7, subject to booking availability.
- Booking requests should be made at least 24 hours in advance to ensure availability.
Booking and Cancellations
- Bookings can be made via email, app or online booking platform.
- Cancellations fees-We have a No Refund Policy
- Transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees.
- Quotes provided at the time of booking.
Vehicle Standards
- Executive vehicles only licenced by Shropshire Council-2017 or newer as per the council policy
- Regular maintenance and cleanliness checks.
Driver Standards
- Professional attire and behaviour.
- Valid driving licenses and background checks.
Customer Feedback
- Feedback collected after each ride to ensure service quality.
- Complaints addressed within 24 hours.
Safety and Security
- Vehicles equipped with GPS and emergency contact systems.
Data Privacy
- Customer information handled with strict confidentiality.
- Compliance with data protection regulations.
- Policy subject to periodic review and updates.
- Customers will be informed of significant changes.

This policy aims to provide consistent and exceptional executive taxi services, ensuring customer satisfaction and safety at all times.

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